Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm late I'm late for a very important date!

Hello there! I will announce the winners tonight or tomorrow
my computer (a mac) has gone crazy since the
 latest apple update
 and is making the internet and blogging
 just almost impossible.
11 hrs on hold over the weekend and 
never getting through!

Hang in there I will have the results soon!

luvs and glitter

Saturday, June 26, 2010

is it Saturday all ready?

Really how does this happen, a whole week?
Why do I keep losing them?
Well here is a little something pink for ya 
to gaze upon from my "non pink" living room....
The horses hat :)
Yes Hello Kitty hangs proudly in my living room!
an original art piece by my bro Mr. MO
it is my favorite...
Another piece by Mr. MO 
the flower is stippled(little dots) love this one too...
My grandparents at the Boardwalk 
in here in Santa Cruz,
Hey Rochelle does this look familiar?

Well I am just pooped
 spent a wonderful evening on the boardwalk
 with family and new friends it was 
a night we will never forget!
for hosting all the pink fun!
Go ahead and enter the giveaway by clicking
the button under the header my computer is acting up 
and I wont get to the name drawing till Tuesday :)

luvs and glitter

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sister in the Bloggerette Sorority on a Deck the Halls Friday!

I am so excited to rush

is the fearless leader of our sisterhood!
This however is lil' ole me!
Who doesn't experiment with mushrooms in their sorority?
or try to see the future in a pink crystal ball?
Or alter their appearance?
Hee Hee!
I am so glad to have all my sisters you are the best!
I truly love the sisterhood we find in blogging it 
is a wonderful place to share and make friends!
So I left my giveaway open for today and will 
(click picture for details)
draw 4 different winners on Saturday evening!

Today is also
and I thought I would share the piece I made for 
the very vintage summer swap
my partner decorates in red white and blue ...
it is a celebration of Americana :)
Everything in this shadow box is old 
except the shadowbox itself...
(please forgive the awful photo)

Have a wonderful Friday!

luvs and glitter

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where J. Nichelle creates on a Pink Saturday

Well here we are on a
showing you 
with Karen Valentine!
Well I'm sure my blog post sharing our creative spaces 
will be unlike anyone else's!
I wanted to makeover my space,
but it just didn't happen
I wanted to clean off my table and get everything
 neatly in order for you but
No luck!
 dusted reorganized neat and clean, NOT here,
Finished and hung till they are for SALE,
 NOT quite
neatly hung spools organized by color,
IF only
One of my armoires refinished in 
aqua and white crackle to house my treasures
I don't think so
The mantle redone to reflect hubby and I's style
HE wishes...
All of our bathroom built-ins emptied that 
As my kids have come to call it "where old 
unwanted chachkes go to get a new life"
they are working on a commercial...
finish the wreath  I started last November 
when I realized I had pneumonia, NAH
Get the two pieces of broken glass repaired 
so I don't have to dust the Christmas all year
That is just plain silly!
How about that new custom cabinetry made so 
everything is displayed so I can be inspired
Well this is what I have to share 
at least it's an honest post!
I really did consider going and burying 
my head in the sand,
 calling in sick or even stealing photos of 
someone else's space and saying it was mine.
Well I've given you the truth and the
 worst at night iPhone photos possible!
If it were daylight you could see I have an 
ocean view out that window and that this is in my bedroom!
I am however grateful for the space I can call MINE!
Hope you have enjoyed laughing along with me, 
How else could I post my dirty laundry hee hee :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Enter the twice the fun giveaway while you still can!
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luvs and glitter

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The first thing God did...

"In the beginning God created..."
the first words God shares with us are these! 
I used to teach my art class that we were the first class mentioned.
The kids got a real kick out of that :)
So do I, 
no wonder I am happiest in my studio,
I feel real joy when I am designing something"new"
I am so grateful He created her :D 
but I think I assisted with that project 
And I guess he did too HA HA!
We spent the weekend with her,
He was at a sleepover with 
the buddy he's talking to on the mic
(Can anyone relate?)
We drove up and adventured on the coast and
 took a long walk on the sand
at a beach we had never been to before 
this was halfway down the cliff
Small section of the quite steep path
we walked out to the "rock" in the shore on the right
then back to the parking lot in the trees behind him
It was well worth it!

Don't forget about the giveaway
there is a link under the header...

luvs and glitter

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pink from all week

I was surrounded by pinks this week!
They only last a day but what a day it was!
Pale and oh so frilly...
hot and buttery...
fading by end of day...
but truly unforgettable!
See a few more on this daylily post here.
Can u tell me what's different in this picture from the one
posted on Tuesday??? Oh CoCo moo you done good :)
My flowers almost faded from my birthday
...thanks hubby!
This is as much pink as 
Miss Soday Icy Pop will wear!
I had to stop during our walk on the wharf
 and capture the pink over the boardwalk...
Fire Snail and his buddy being boys :)
the pink was so vivid the water was pink too :)

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Have a lovely Pink Saturday!
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