Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pink Saturday and a blue egg....

Hello all my Sweet pinky pals!
this has been a long hard week hubby has been very ill, we even had a nice 7 hr trip to the ER, miss Icy Soda POP is finally getting better after 4 weeks and I completely threw my lower back out to the point of crawling in pain... But we are gonna make it thanks to a wonderful family. My Bro and Mr. Fire Snail have kept us a float with cooking, trips to the store, running food and meds up and down stairs and doing laundry. I just am so grateful for these special boys! And my mom who in spite of working full time manages to stop by after and check on us and willing to do whatever we need. 
We are very blessed!
Here is an egg I created for a swap.

Yah I know it's not all pink but the butterfly and the bird's cheeks are.
Here is one of the finished letters for my Cousins baby girl who has a 9 letter name PHEW!
And an Ocean themed nursery....
Thank-you so much Miss Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for being our gracious hostess!


luvs and glitter

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Glitter Glitter Everywhere even in my underwear. Seriously!
Glitter has boldly gone where no man has gone before!
Glitter on 3 floors of the house
in five sizes!
a peek at an almost done project with the largest of the glitters on this one...
this is one of those things you only do for someone you really love!
As I told a sweet friend this week and I quote (myself)
"I have a sparkly crack!"

Maybe a little TMI but you understand, right?

Have a fabulous day!
luvs and glitter

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Saturday? ha, I forgot to sign up!

Oh what a week of catching up on sleep
(even if it is after 2 am, you know who you are ;P that's doing good for me!)
and giving my kids lots of attentions since they were both coughing and sniffing and 
feeling yucky over spring break :( still are, we were supposed to go the cherry blossom festival in San Francisco but it is looking like a no go as of right now, there's always next year....
 I did make something last week though,
but you only get a little peek for now!
Have a lovely day, Pink or not, hee hee...

luvs and glitter

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SOon I promise

Soon I will
 post pictures from Christmas and EASTER
and my mom's 60th surprise party
Been spring cleaning away and catching up on missed sleep.
I have CFS and if I push too hard for too long Jen goes bye bye for 6 - 18 months
I learned my limitations the hard way, 
I know how much I can handle, this has been with me for 21 years now.
Hubby is such a sweetheart to help me out when I need him, I couldn't do any of it without him :)
Been doing a lot of work in the ole noggin' though,
wonder what will come of all that,
I bet it will be glittery!
ok, can you guess who and where and under what? hee hee

Have a lovely day,
luvs and glitter

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap PARTY 2010

MIss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap was a blast I wanted to do a new post but I just finished hosting a suprise party and I am pooped I apologize and hope you can understand :)
YOu worked so hard and it was a blessing I loved every minute of it!

Here are the baskets I made, please forgive my pictures....

Well I am a very Blessed and Lucky girl today!
I have already received BOTH of my Easter baskets from amazing swap partners!
Friday I recieved My Basket form the sweet Cathy at 

Do you see my Darling basket Cathy made? is that Gorgeous or what! the amazing details of the chick and jelly beans and one of her fabulous cupcakes! What sweet crackled eggs too!
And I have to tell you, I have never been a yellow lover till this year and it's all Cathy's fault! She did a post a while back about a beautiful piece she created using yellow and aqua and I fell in LOVE!
I was smitten with these colors and this piece, some one bought it too quickly before I could get to it!
Yellow is so happy ya know :)
so in my swap package from Cathy I was so spoiled I could hardly believe it!
Oh Yummy French Macaroon green tea soap!
My favorite Vice~ CHOCOLATE! love the wrapping!
Oh and this lovely sachet adorned with the crown jewels and sparkly bunny ornament!
Cathy I LOVE it all so much!

And here is my package of sweet goodies from darling Debi at Life in my Studio
Hmmm what could this be? 
Ta Dah!

Oh look at the fabulous easter basket made by Debi! With yummy chocolate eggs for me!
A lovely Lavender basket adorned with precious paper roses and more!
A sweet cream butterfly pin...
A whimsical easter stamp and fun ribbon...
And a Gorgeous Vintage brooch with purple rhinestones :)
Debi I adore it ALL!

I thought i was doing so good going to mail my packages today 5 days before the mail date, but as you can see my swap partner are just so fabulous I already have my packages from them!
Well here is a peek of the treats going out today....
I hope you like them girls!

luvs and glitter

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I LOVE Spring!

I really want to blog more but not till next week!
Shopping, crafting, cooking, planning, cleaning, chauffeuring, cheering, smacking, hugging, moussing, painting, organizing, enjoying, crying, breathing, stopping, going, walking, sitting, running, laughing, smiling, thinking, emailing, typing, calling, hanging, wiring, washing, folding, uplifting, sweeping, scrubbing, clipping, snapping, biting, loving, wishing, giggling...

have a "ing"day
luvs and glitter
p.s. oh yah and barely sleeping and missing all my sweet blog friends!