Wednesday, December 16, 2009

and the winner IS...

Today my handsome assistant was MR. Fire Snail!

is helping me with the drawing for the J.Nichelle frosty pink give away

first we put all the entries into the horses hat

then Mr. Fire Snail tossed them up a little too good

them mixed them a little more

and then pulled the lucky entry out

drum roll please

and the winner IS



Monday, December 14, 2009

Final '09 eBay listings and lots of new in the etsy shop

So for all of you who have been wondering if there was anymore from J. Nichelle Holiday this year, I am happy to announce New 3 DAY LISTINGS on eBay will be ending Wednesday and the final listings will end on Sunday the 20th.
Here are the last two delights listed you can click the pictures to go to the listings.
By popular demand another pixie swan has been made in the spirit of the one in my header, here she is~

and the wee third installment of tiny strong angels

And the etsy shop is loading up I put 15 new ornaments in! Look at these cuties~

all pretty in pink

festive in red

extra frosty

 gorgeous green
and many more go take a peek you might find something you like!
Hope your Holidays are Wonderful!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New 3 day eBay listings

Well I've got a couple of pieces up on eBay and putting up more as we speak. They will be 3 day auctions so you can get them in time for Christmas, you can click the pictures to arrive at the listing!
 I'll update as soon as a I get more up.
Happy Holidays!

Perfect in Aqua and Pinks!

Merry Christmas!

Delightful in reds & greens


Saturday, December 12, 2009

J. Nichelle Frosty Pink GIVE AWAY

As Promised A GIVE AWAY just in time for Christmas!
2 Frosty Pink Ornament Delights for 1 lucky winner!
The star is about 6" tall and the tree tops out at about 7".
Lots of vintage ornaments and corsage makings, german glass glitter, mica and more all for you!

So here's how to enter:
Comment on this post = 1 entry
Become a follower = 2 entries
Post a badge or link = 3 entries
(be sure to let me know if you post the link)

The Old Fashion Hat Drawing will be held on Dec. 16th
Be sure to be watching for the results so I can get your address right away and get the frosty delights in the mail in time for Christmas!

Merry Christmas
Good Luck and
Many Delights~ jen

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

Ah Pink Saturday once again! Thanks sweet Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for once again being our gracious host.

This horse was a Mother's Day gift from my sweet husband and the kids 8 years ago. We had bought a new couch at an interesting furniture store here in Santa Cruz not a fancy one but a unique one. The kids were small and I just wanted something they could be kids on and not break the bank and have seating for when the family came over for the holidays that years since I was hosting Thanksgiving. While in the shop I saw the horse and mentioned how amazing he was in his raw state not enameled and jeweled but just so silver and oddly mounted on an old coca cola machine stand. I thought of the horse often but never mentioned him again. Well 6 months later on Mother's Day John brought me in the living room and viola there he was! I was giddy! We went to the store a few weeks later to find out the history of the horse and no one knew anything. My kids have literally grown up on him we taken countless photos with him and he has hats for most occasions. He is so special to me for two reasons. One, while in Texas about 5 years ago one of John's clients was visiting, he walked in the door and said where did you get that horse? We told him and he explained to us his father had worked in the foundry in San Francisco and this was a replacement horse for when the wood ones needed to be repaired for the carousel here in Santa Cruz at the Boardwalk. It's a wonderful old amusement park on the ocean that my family has been going to for generations. The second one being that I got it was the same year we found out John had cancer a week after 9/11. I would sometimes wonder if he was going to make it and if the horse would out last him. Today he is cancer free and as healthy as can be :)

Well I have something to show you all a sneak peek of the pixie on the swan (similar to the one in my header) going up for sale sometime between Now and Sunday evening! I will be listing things on etsy and eBay for my last go around for this year, so get ready.

Have a lovely Pink Saturday!
Now I have to get back to work!
Give AWAY post coming later today be sure to check back!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am going to be listing on eBay & etsy this weekend lots of goodies and be doing another give away as promised, now that I'm done with my pity party, PLEASE forgive me for that! So be sure to check back things should start going up tonight and through Sunday !

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Treasured Holiday

Well what a nice surprise when sweet Sadie Lou from SADIE LOU WHO told me she was featuring me in her treasury on etsy! It's called The Funky Mantle, a collection of retro holiday fun I am thrilled! here is a look at the treasury you can click the photo and go straight to it.

if you'd like to see the listing for the sleigh just click the photo of it here

The treasury is courtesy of promotions

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sometimes life just doesn't go as planned no matter how hard you try. I have a few new things made a few started but haven't done the pictures so I can list them, found someone who is making things way to similar to mine, so frustrating. I did have a wonderful weekend we took a trip with the family to Disneyland and had a great time I needed to get away. I'm just going to go with the flow and enjoy the holidays.

I love Disneyland at the holidays it gets decorated far more than Disney World. I am partial as you can tell :)

Love ToonTown!

Hopefully soon I'll get some shots up of the trees and the house. We have a Sons of Italy Christmas Crab feed next weekend I can hardly wait!