Tuesday, November 23, 2010


ok so it has been awhile and I owe all of you some news! 
Well the shop has officially opened,
 and this is literally my first chance to blog in forever
 and I miss you all so much! 
I will keep it short and sweet 
because I really need to get to sleep. 
So here is a peek at the door not quite finished 
last thursday night...
Here is a view from behind the counter
upstairs on Sunday.
We opened over the weekend
3 levels full and the turnout was wonderful
in spite of the rain...
lots more to come soon!

luvs and glitter
p.s. Krisin I still owe you a post from our fall swap I haven't forgotten you :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Countdown 2010!

Christmas Countdown 2010!: "Set www.xmasclock.com as your homepage to count the number of days until Christmas 2010!"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still kicking....

Working away as usual just 100 times more busy! 
HA I am grateful though,miss all my blog buddies. 
Getting ready to open the new shop in 10 days, hopeflly....
this is exciting and frightening all at the same time!
Getting ready for fall and it finally arrived yesterday!
it was crisp and we actually had to heat the house a little, YAY!
How is your Fall going? what are you all up to?
I need to catch up with everyone,
Hope it's wonderful!

luvs and glitter

Friday, September 3, 2010

holiday fun....

 I want to sing in the choir, won't you join me?
do you think they'll let us join in the fun?
they better, after all they're angels!
Let's go frolic with rudolph!
And then visit Santa...
Do stop by and say hello to our 
Deck the Halls Friday hostess
 the sweet Tammy 
for more Holiday fun and inspiration!

luvs and glitter

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My blessed mess...

I am blessed with a wonderful mess!
My sweet mamma has been helping me unpack and
 restack the new tchatchkie heaven!
two 39 gallon trash bags full of bubble wrap and 
2 of peanuts 24 boxes 
and this enormous pile of rubber bands...
Here is a close up of moms two favorite shelves
She also pointed out to me how many of the "girls" looked
like the fabulous Doris Day!
Here is the progress on the other side
And here is the full view of the new "digs"
I am hoping to be finished by weeks end, 
pray hard for that one girls!
Many new songs have been made up about the tchatchkie 
and many new forms of spelling and LOTS and Lots of jokes!
maybe I'll share some but not tonight...

Have a great week!

luvs and glitter

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lazy days of Summer

Pack, MOVE, unpack....
that has been summer and I am over it!
So with Bluebird Lane set to open Sept. 17th
I decided to not work 18/7 the last 2 weeks
and enjoy the kids and warm weather before I am
completely buried again.... I am still working 10 hrs
a day or so between unpacking and on the computer 
setting up accounts and ordering....
Most of the kitchen is unpacked,
I have the kids rooms done...
his is all the way done video game themed out
hers is 75 percent done completely changed 
and grown up lots of black, zebra, and pops 
of red, hot pink, and turquoise.
And well this is the new Hubby's office/ my studio
split down the middle, can you spy my white plastic
drawers way in the back?
This is the before we've made progress 
since this but not quite there yet!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Luvs and Glitter

Friday, August 27, 2010

Deck the Halls Friday I am glad to be back!

Here is a peek at our entry last Christmas,
the photos are not he best but you'll get the idea.
I may have even showed this before but 
I can't remember! HAHA
I LOVE Annalee Elves
And over the years I have collected the penguins and 
polar bears, it's such a fun display for the kids.
This is my favorite piece I like to decorated
 it with vintage for each holiday.
The apothecary jars are filled with snow and 
a bottle brush tree then a vintage salt and pepper snow couple
those were my favorite things last year.
I put the Manger in the entry China cabinet each year
It keeps it from getting knocked over...
And up top is the very first bottle brush anything 
I did. The kids and I did the houses in '07
and the piece on the right is the first J. Nichelle prototype.
Don't forget to visit our 
Deck the Halls Friday hostess
 the sweet Tammy 
for more Holiday fun and inspiration!

luvs and glitter

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Christmas Swappin' Goodness!

Well Hello bloggy friends I'm back! Well sort of Haha!
Moving is done, unpacking however 
well ya know how that goes....
Working on getting the studio up and running,
 while my internet access is at best iffy out here in the country.
I participated in darling Michele Askeroth's 
I want to show off my swap goodies from
 my sweet Valarie at Glittery Daze and Nights
How adorable is this sparkly creation she sent me?
I was squealing with delight!
I can hardly wait to display them,
but not only did she send that one but this,
 and this one as well!
 I am feeling a bit spoiled, that is a lot of work and the glitter is perfect,
and I just love the embellished Mercury glass bell!
These darling cupcake ornaments were whisked away by
the kids immediately for their trees without even asking.
I adore this party popper I didn't want to open it, 
but I am so happy I did:) look at the vintage goodies
that were hiding inside!
The sweet ornament kit, White Christmas CD, 
BLUEBIRD Christmas card
(click link to see it) and wonderful sheet music
and the rest of the delights will now become
part of our Holidays forever!
What fabulous treasures Valarie,
 you are too sweet and I cherish them all.
I am grateful for a friend like you in my life!

Have a great Sunday!
luvs and glitter

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer eyes....

MIss Soda Icy Pop asked me to do her makeup
and she chose the colors...
Mr. Fire Snail decided he needed a new hat
yes his old one was so yucky but of course he 
chooses one with eyes...
We are all teary eyed all the pups are gone...
but to wonderful homes!

Have a wonderful week!
luvs and glitter

Friday, July 23, 2010

oops I forgot the peek!

Well very blonde I am!
Here is the peek at the new villa
I forgot to add it to the last post LOL!
We are thrilled and it is a little miracle
that we got this place. The kids are at camp
and haven't seen it yet, 
I can hardly wait to show it to them!

Have a wonderful week!
luvs and glitter

A peek at the new Villa...

We have had a wonderful year and a half here
but due to irreconcilable differences with people who are
not being honest we are moving.
 I am so sad to leave this gorgeous home
 We thought we would never leave but stuff happens!
At least we had a great 4th of July with 25
 friends and family and we celebrated 
My great aunts 80th
and her older brothers 84th!
I will miss the views and the spring and the beautiful 
craftsmanship, it was a treat to live here.
We put A LOT of work into this house.
 But we found a new place and a new adventure 
is about to begin. So between moving and opening the shop
I will not be blogging as much I have hardly at all
lately but do check in ya never know!
Visit the shop blog I've posted a peek of the bottom floor :)

Luvs and glitter

Monday, July 12, 2010

Where has jen gone?

Well my sweet friends I have a little news...
I have signed the lease and gotten keys to my
first shop and it's called~
Here is a peek of the outside
the building to the right is Edward and Sons Antiques 
(click the link to visit their site)
owned by my sweet landlords Ed and Naomi.
I really believe this is a match made in heaven
and am very excited.So this is going to be a long
couple of months as we are moving
on August 1st to a new home
2 minutes from the shop as well.
Don't be a stranger, even if I am not blogging
drop a line or comment if you need anything!
Wish me luck :)
Have a wonderful day!

luvs and glitter 

p.s. all of you sweets that won the giveaway your packages are going out Tuesday! 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Vintage Summer Swap

I was part of the Very Vintage Summer Swap 
I was paired with the 
She is an amazing artist and created those darling cards!
isn't this adorable?
She really went all out, I love all the aqua treasures!
Such perfect vintage summer treasures!
Thank-you so much Laura it has wonderful getting to 
make a new friend!

luvs and glitter

Friday, July 2, 2010

Deck the Halls Friday and a Christmas in July SWAP!

Traditional Christmas FUN...

Stop by and visit

And I could not help but participate in 
hosted by the sweet
Michele at Something Special
come join the fun!

Have a great 4th!

luvs and glitter

p.s. the giveaway winners are announced 
in the post below :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We have winners!

Finally I had 10 miutes to sit down and draw the winners!
 So without further adieu 
Here are the lucky gals and the prizes they one...
The first number drawn was
which is an entry by the lovely 
your comment made me laugh out loud when I drew your number

Rebecca said...

OK girly...your enticement WORKED! HERE I AM! Sweet POST on your space and this is a fabulous giveaway! I never win them :( but it will be fun to try anyway.

Thanks for visiting...you are so talented.

This is your lovely prize package

Next winner
in the twice the fun giveaway is the darling

Annesphamily said...

I follow! I also appreciate your helpful tips for using the bottlebrush trees! Hugs Anne
Here is your lovely Prize Anne...

Next winner is
the very sweet
Who was the first person to put one of my creations in an etsy treasury!

Elizabeth said...

I'm a blog follower and a FB fan!
Here is your lovely prize

YOu are going to love this! 
Winning a "Twice is Nice " set from the Haus of Gloi 
as well is
the fabulous 
Girl you are on a roll!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hello Pretty Jen!
What a sweet blog you have! I'm going to stay awhile and do some reading!!
I just won my very first giveaway so hope I'm on a roll and win yours too :-)
I have my 2nd one in progress and hope you'll stop by and take a peek!
I'll be your next follower and come back when I link to you!
Thanks so much for such a fun blog and neato giveaway!

Hugz & Smilez



I wish I could send you all prizes!
Luvs and glitter