Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long Walks on the beach...

Yesterday was warm and beautiful 
and we needed to get out of the house...
so we jumped in the "fraulein" hubby's car, with no real plan
and headed North on Hwy 1 or the Pacific Coast Hwy
We ended up to Pescadero State Beach
You really get a sense of awe at places like this,
Where the land seems to rise from the sea and there is nothing
 except a little strip of sand separating open ocean 
and cliff edges with rolling hills on top that fade into the mountains...
Fire snail is truly a spec against this cliff...
We went a quarter mile North along the cliffs but the tide was rolling in,
So we decided to walk as far as we could South...
we walked all the way to the cliff edge on the far right of the picture, 
the dark line touching the edge!
Nothing but the Ocean till Hawaii behind her...
There were more than a hundred jellyfish washed up
along the beach on our walk...
tons of drift wood, fire snail found an arrow :)
see the end cliff behind him getting closer?
And soda Icy pop tried to bring this home!
This is the cliff at the end of the long walk
What and amazing view through the hole!
And PCH going over the river that flows to the sea...
And now for the walk back...
I figure this may be the last Summer they want to hang out with us
So we have set a goal of visiting and walking as much as possible safely 
the beaches along the coast between 
Santa Cruz and San Francisco this summer.
We'll see how many we get too thank goodness we have the annual state park pass
which paid for itself in the first month :)
We'll see where we end up today have a great Sunday!
luvs and glitter

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's my 200 BLOGAVERSARY and Pink Saturday's 2nd Birthday!

 Now please Join me in a little song.....

Happy Birthday to you 
Oh My goodness your turning two
Happy Birthday Pink Saturday,
Happy Birthday to YOU!
(this little cake will be soon on it's way to Miss Beverly)
Please visit the lovely Miss Beverly at 
to help her celebrate and to thank her for all her hard work.
Pink Saturday is truly a blessing!

All I can Say is THANK-YOU!
I cannot believe J. Nichelle has come this far!
I am so blessed to have so many wonderful blog friends
 and such a special creative place to share and be inspired!
I do cherish each and everyone of you! 
of J. Nichelle's 
200 post and 200 follower and
 Pink Saturday's 2nd Birthday
 all on the same day
I am having a Twice the fun Giveaway!

Each 1st place Giveaway winner
(there will be 2)
will receive
A lovely Spode plate
a stunning collection of antique and vintage glass buttons
(donated by my sweet mamma)
6 mini rolls of very vintage wallpaper
and a yummy little box of Chocolates!
And I will also be drawing for 2 second place winners who will each receive 
A lovely Jar of 
and a bottle of Twice as Nice Lotion
from Haus of Gloi
(Buttery sugar cookie, with shavings of creamy coconut and topped with toasted almond slivers.)
it smells good enough to eat!

Here is how to enter~

Leave a comment on this post = 1 entry

Become a J. Nichelle Designs facebook follower = 1 entry
(please leave a comment on this post if you already are or have just joined
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Blog about or put a badge up with a link to J. Nichelle = 1 entry
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3 possible entries!
It's that easy!
But wait there is more...
If we reach 100 comments on this post I will add more ttreasures
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and will continue to add more for each 100 after!

The drawing will be held Friday evening 8pm PST June4th
the winner will be announced next Saturday June 5th
(the day before my birthday, hee hee)

Have a Fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!

 TILL JUNE 26th!!!
More than TWICE the time to enter,
and I've decided to let you comment
 3 more times for TWICE the entries
 a total of 6 possible!

luvs and glitter

Friday, May 28, 2010

Post 199

Wow that went quick!
So for post 199 it is only fitting it falls on Deck the Halls Friday
(formerly known as Holiday Inspiration Friday)
tree in my bedroom
Since you know I love Christmas I thought I would 
post about a few of my favorite things....
This is a peek of how the kids rooms looked during the holidays
Soda Icy pops candy land tree...
Her favorite Christmas friends on her nightstand....
And Gingerbread land on top of her dresser!
Fire Snails Mario Bros. tree, 
that boy loves his video games,
His favorite Snowmen on the cubes,
And his peppermint gingerbread land on his highboy.
Such awful pictures I know but I thought I'd share anyway :)
I took these right before it came down so It wasn't looking it's best...
visit sweet Tammy at Tinsel & Company 
for darling holiday decor!

Tomorrow is Big 200 Giveaway day here so be sure to check back!
Have a Happy Friday!

luvs and glitter

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Napco for Breakfast

I love vintage retro Kitchen  Kitsch!
I have had this juice set for a few years...
yah I need to track down another glass to complete it,  someday...
And this I recently acquired and am completely adoring...
Here they are together in the breakfast nook
Really makes me want Breakfast!
I just love Napco / Napcoware it is always so whimsical.
here is the next piece I plan to hunt down...
The cookie jar there are a few versions of it 
we will see which one I end up with...
Have a lovely Thursday!

luvs and glitter

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scrap happy....

If you know me at all you know I don't scrapbook,
I should and I would LOVE to
 but I haven't found the space or  patience 
or maybe It's that when ever I try to start 
I am overwhelmed with my own imagination?
Either way I came across these cuties recently.
I believe they are very old as they are super fragile.
I have a small collection started of almost 200 pieces
I think they are victorian scrap?
If you know what they are I would love to know...
but how could I resist?
Getting ready to send off my swap package,
mail Pink Saturday a birthday present,
and getting ready to launch
 the BIG 200 GIVEAWAY 
this weekend!

luvs and glitter

Monday, May 24, 2010

A weekend of B's.....

Bean Hollow Beach

Baseball  from the Bleachers...
Birthday girl...
and my not so little 
What a weekend!
Have a Happy Monday!

luvs and glitter

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink Saturday getting ready to celebrate :)

I am truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful gathering called
 Pink Saturday!
A big thank-you to the gracious
 Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
for all her hard work as our lovely hostess!
Here is a peek at the Extravagant sized cake for June....
Available in my Lollishops and Etsy... 
Next Saturday will be a grand celebration and GIVEAWAY!
Pink Saturday is turning 2!
I will have posted my 200th post 
and I am hoping to have 200 followers by then 
I only need 3 more... 

I can't hold back any longer I have to show you the goodies my mom hand makes
can u stand it! All vintage buttons 60 to 100+ years old!
Let me know what you think so she will believe I'm not the only one that loves them:)
This is my pink beauty! All these are vintage Czech 
except for the pale "western" Germany flower in the middle...

Please stop by and visit the fabulous 
Twyla and Lindsay of Two Crazy Crafters
and wish them a happy 1st Pink Saturday! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE their blog and have been following 
them for awhile, they have some of the
 cutest vintage goodies, great tutorials
 and sweet free vintage images!

Have a Lovely Pink Saturday!

luvs and glitter

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Darling Birthday has finally arrived!

Darling Birthday is finally here! 
This has been a dream I've been working on for years!
Each Cake is signed and numbered I will only make 2 cakes for each month
 this year starting with my birth month of June 2010 :) and 
will finish in May 2011 with my husbands birth month.
This is the petite size for June just smothered with 
special vintage collectibles
The extravagant size will be available by the weekend.
If you are interested in the other months please email me they are on a 
first come first serve basis.
  I am thrilled to be offering layaway now on any piece over $100.
please email for details before checkout as this will change your invoice :)

Have a fantastic day!

luvs and glitter

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding Sparkles, Spread the word...

Happy Sunday my bloggy buddies!
Have you ever seen platinum and diamonds?
What a breathe taking combination!
This beauty a 1 carat total with a 3/4 carat center stone 
all set in platinum
 and is available for a fraction of appraisal.
It is one of the most sparkly engagement rings
 I have ever seen!
a real hand grabber, the compliments are endless.
How about this fabulous platinum 3/4 carat wedding band?
it is just a blinding rainbow of beauty!
they are absolutely drop dead gorgeous together a real statement!
The pictures do not do these pieces justice!
 My dear brother is moving forward with his life and they remain friends, 
but it's time for someone else to enjoy these beauties 
instead of sitting on his bookshelf.
He needs a new computer and tuition, he's going back to finish school
 and we are so proud of him.
He is letting them go for a fraction of appraisal, way less than half!
So Spread the word far and wide and let's help a sweet guy
move on :)
 And someone else start out with a way bigger ring 
than they ever thought they could afford
 or a fantastic trade up!

Thanks for the help, Have a lovely Sunday!

luvs and glitter

p.s. almost at 200 followers and 200 posts which will be first? hmm I see a HUGE giveaway to celebrate these land marks coming very soon :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Holiday Inspiration Friday Bethany Lowe

Once again I am joining the darling
Tammy of  Tinsel and Company (the blog)
on her second
Wether she wants me to or not LOL!
Please forgive my awful pictures and bad lighting,
I have better ones 
but am having issues with the files! So here goes...
This was our 2009 Mantle. All snowpeople are from
 Bethany Lowe 
been collecting for a few years 
but I don't think they had a new one this year :( year.
The snowflakes from pottery barn,
got them on ebay cheap in the middle of summer!
Ha a snowman selling snowcones!
my fresh wreath and the trees from Ragon house...
I love this guy in the toboggan!
Have a Wonderful Friday!
luvs and glitter