Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a day for daylilies!

Hmm is it just me or did summer creep up too quick?
I usually have so much more done by now,
think I'm spending all my chore time at the beach, oops!
Who want's a peek at the daylilies?
I might have a slight obsession....
but you can divide them and keep going...
well that's what I told hubby :)
This one was huge...
and so is this baby...
I love the colors of these...
I really seem to have a thing for the frilly edges...
I have a small problem though....
Between the dogs the deer and the yard guys...

The identifying tags are ALL gone! 
I have a list with pictures I made as I purchased them...
So just maybe I'll be able to figure it out!
Now you ask where did these beauties come from?
They are in North Carolina and you can click the the picture 
to go straight to their ebay shop.
I have been stunned by their service and the SIZE of the fans!
Some clumps were 3 fans big with roots the 
size of a dinner plateso I divided them and brought them
 over to grandmas and she has been tickled with the size 
and beauty!If you spend over $100 you get a free plant!
These are a wonderful investment in your garden, 
and you can even bid on auctions and get them cheaper, 
They are having a 30% off sale right now...
That's what I did and my yard it exploding with color this 
year and I haven't even pulled a weed 
or planted yet in 2010!
This is only a few that have bloomed so far 
I'll post more as they do...Have a great Thursday!

luvs and glitter

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Paula said...

How beautiful...I love the ruffled edges! I've never seen daylilies like this, thanks for sharing the photos Jen!