Saturday, June 5, 2010

PInk Saturday and Giveaway UPDATE

Thanks as always to darling Beverly at
for being our hostess!
And I would like you to stop by and see Deb at
She is still pretty new to Pink Saturday,
and having a pink giveaway!
(click photo to go to giveaway)
 I didn't realize she had a blog
I have been a customer of hers for a few years now!
She has fabulous things, you wont want to miss them!

Well somehow this Pink Saturday 
has caught me by Surprise 
so I decided to go through the 
pictures on my phone and see 
what random pinks I could find.
there are in order from most recent to last year...
Well hold on tight this is gonna be a wild ride,
 well sort of thanks to mom!
This giant salad plate sized hot pink
 camelia is out my back door...
this pink tablecloth is at my grandma/moms
house, we are playing gestures and I think
mom was diving, but I can't remember
that game is the best we laugh soo hard some
have been known to tinkle!
One of my favorite pink vintage
necklaces I even have found it in red!
My pink chubby finger after I dropped
 some piping Hot Hot glue on it!
Always stick those burns in water,
 not ice,
 for 20 minutes and it works wonders
MOM dressed up in her pink duds for work,
 on Halloween
She wore her high dollar personal pair of
 billy bob's all day!
How would you like her to wait on you at CVS?
I can't believe I got this shot with my PHoNE!
 Can u see soda icy pop and fire snail,
there is pink on there too!
One of my pink dahlias from last year 
with the cutest baby snail and peaches
fresh from Grandmas orchard
and lastly Soda Icy pops 
pink on her wetsuit!
That is plenty for now :) 

 TILL JUNE 26th!!!
More than TWICE the time to enter,
and I've decided to let you comment
 3 more times for TWICE the entries
 a total of 6 possible!
Click to read post for details :)
on the J. Nichelle
Twice the FUN Giveaway!

Have a fabulous Saturday!
luvs and glitter


maldives said...

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Jenny S said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hi! Happy Pink Saturday to you!!

I need to go and update your button on my blog so everyone who visits will know :)

Warmest, Brenda

Rosie said...

A baby snail? Too cute. Your flowers are gorgeous!I've only seen those ginormous plate-sized dalias in California. Happy Pink Sat!

Deb Reed said...

Thanks so much of stopping by my blog and leaving such a great quote. And thanks for including me in your blog too! I am going to dive in and start reading all your posts, there's so much to read I could get lost for a while.
Debbie said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love this super fun post!

~ Gabriela ~

Maggie said...

Oh your pinks just cracked me up!

Happy PS!

Do These shoes match this purse?

Esther said...

Hello and a very happy (belated) Pink Saturday to you!!

It's a very hot summerday in The Netherlands and I'm enjoying all pink posts in the garden! Love Es XX

Valarie said...

Hi Sweets!! Happy Birthday!! Have a fabulous day. xxoo Valarie

Pat said...

I'm way behind reading this week's PS posts. I'm so glad I read yours - wonderful!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Wow! These are terrific pics, Jen! So fun for PS!

I'm hostessing a WEDDING BLOG PARTY on the 25th that I would love for you to join ~ you can read more about it by clicking the bridal button on my sidebar ~ if you are interested. I am sure you would have some lovely things to share! And I'm also having a sweet little giveaway, too!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

kanishk said...

your pinks just cracked me up!
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