Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where J. Nichelle creates on a Pink Saturday

Well here we are on a
showing you 
with Karen Valentine!
Well I'm sure my blog post sharing our creative spaces 
will be unlike anyone else's!
I wanted to makeover my space,
but it just didn't happen
I wanted to clean off my table and get everything
 neatly in order for you but
No luck!
 dusted reorganized neat and clean, NOT here,
Finished and hung till they are for SALE,
 NOT quite
neatly hung spools organized by color,
IF only
One of my armoires refinished in 
aqua and white crackle to house my treasures
I don't think so
The mantle redone to reflect hubby and I's style
HE wishes...
All of our bathroom built-ins emptied that 
As my kids have come to call it "where old 
unwanted chachkes go to get a new life"
they are working on a commercial...
finish the wreath  I started last November 
when I realized I had pneumonia, NAH
Get the two pieces of broken glass repaired 
so I don't have to dust the Christmas all year
That is just plain silly!
How about that new custom cabinetry made so 
everything is displayed so I can be inspired
Well this is what I have to share 
at least it's an honest post!
I really did consider going and burying 
my head in the sand,
 calling in sick or even stealing photos of 
someone else's space and saying it was mine.
Well I've given you the truth and the
 worst at night iPhone photos possible!
If it were daylight you could see I have an 
ocean view out that window and that this is in my bedroom!
I am however grateful for the space I can call MINE!
Hope you have enjoyed laughing along with me, 
How else could I post my dirty laundry hee hee :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
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luvs and glitter


Tammy @ said...

Happy Pink Saturday! If only I could spend an afternoon, or two, or three... peaking in to those drawers and cabinets! Wherever do you find all of your treasures! At least you are organized. If that were my space it would be an explosion of glitter, tinsel and ornaments!

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,

Grace said...

Very cute inspiration filled room! And it is neat!! Please....great room. Happy Pink Saturday! xoxo

Ann said...

Well I see inspiration is every glance. What a fabulous collection of goodies! I love everything. And the customs shelving----WHOA-ha. Looks like you have a place for everything.

Claudia said...

You create such beautiful things and your creative space reflects that. If it works for you, that makes it a perfect space. Love everything, especially all you little treasures.

stefanie said...

ooooo, I love it, soooo many treasures, its like a candy store...I want! mine is only clean because its new, but believe!!! me that wont last at

Robin said...

Wow! I have never seen so much eye candy! You rock! ~Robin~

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Are you KIDDING me?! I just wanted to dive in to see all those treasures! How fun would that be?!

I totally get what you're saying about wanting to bury your head in the sand. I debated whether to join because I was so embarrassed. Our dining room is now my "studio" and it still has its original 1939 wallpaper and no electricity on one side! There's too much other work that needs to be done in our home to worry about this room. So, we did what we could, with what we had.

Your room looks like tons of fun! Isn't that what it's all about? Matter of fact, I think I just gave myself a pep talk too!


Rochelle said...

Wow Jen!
I am in envy of all your eye candy....all those chachke's are adorable and I want some!! Now I can see the inventory that your lovely creations come from...such a great collection!

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hi :) Oh my goodness....drawers and drawers and drawers of goodies!! Wowzers :)

Happy Pink Saturday,

Warmest, Brenda

Tobi Britton* said...

Ha Ha Sweet Jen,
I had the same plans but relied instead on the ol' CREATIVE CLOSEUP! Your space is beautifully honest and most importantly REAL. (And neat as well given how much stuff you have!) I truly cannot believe all the stuff you own- no wonder the idea of moving freaks you out! Hey- what lefton pixies do I see at the bottom of the cabinet??? Hmmmn.....I think I see one i might not have yet...
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Debbie said...

WOW! You have the most amazing craft room!
So many pretties to play with... LOVE IT!


zandra said...

I have to your creative space very inspiring. Also, love that you still have the snowing effect on your blog. Afterall, it is snowing somewhere. ;o) So, enjoyed my visit with you. enjoy the rest of the party.

Kathy said...

Thank you - a practical display. Well for the supplies anyway, lol.

oldgreymare said...

Well good for you! A funny post..some of us take ourselves way too seriously.

Very clever. Enjoy the party!


nannykim said...

Well, a lot of things here!! a fun mess?!

Queen Bee said...

What clever organization! Love your collections!
Queen Bee Studio

Gypsy Brocante said...

Holy smokes ... what a stash you have!! I could get lost for days upon days in your space ... thanks for giving us the candid, unrehearsed version, VERY refreshing!


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

You gave such a cute presentation. I think we all have areas to work on. Our studios are never 'finished'. It's a curse blessed :-) I think you have things quite under control. Thanks, Connie

debi said...

Wow! I'd love to go shopping through your many fun things!! Thanks for sharing!

Deborah said...

I am going to keep talking about the ikea cubes. They are neat and on sale currently. You can even order online. You can buy drawers and doors or baskets for the cubes too. You have to put it together yourself but they provide good instructions. I am sure I have told you before how much I love your tchotkie-filled space and your creations. Still do ...

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

Chris said...

I love your creative space! Your vintage treasures bring back so many fond memories.
Best wishes,

A Write Life said...

I like your honest post. Very nice.

Esther said...

Oh, my gosh..I'm visiting a day too late again, but I'm here..that's what counts doesn't it? So, Happy Belated Pink Saturday to you and I hope you'll visit my PS-post and enter my give-away! Love, Esther XX

Something Special said...

Oh Jen, what a huge treat to see where you work. You have so much good eye candy in there. What a wonderful place to create. I was more excited to see your space than any of the others.

Something Special said...

Jen, I would love to enter your giveaway, but I got so spoiled with the swap, if my name was to get drawn, it just would not be fair for someone else to miss out on all that loveliness. again, I just think youtr space is the best. I would like to redo mine over again too. But there is just to many places for extra dollars to go right now.

Lynnae said...

Don't think twice about your space. It's great. The reality is most of us would rather play than organize our studios any day.
Your little figurines are divine. You must have hundreds. It seemslike they come from a sweeter more innocent time.
Thanks for sharing!

Anna Matthews said...

What an incredible space, and an ocean view, that is something! You have some amazing treasures - thanks for sharing!

sandy said...

I felt the same way about MY space. It's just nice to have a SPACE to indulge ourselves! Thanks for sharing! sandy

Terri said...

It is always nice to have a space to have a wonderful one and I have a friend that also collects the those little girls at the top of your post. wait till see she's all the ones you have. TFS.

vicki said...

Jen - OMG - I simply adore all of your beautiful vintage treasures! Every photo made my heart beat faster! Beautiful photos - such a thrill to see all of your "stuff"!

Now I am headed to your sweet giveaway!


Karen Valentine said...

I think it's perfect exactly as it is!!! I couldn't believe your wonderful collections! I bet your house is just magical at Christmas time!!! Thank you so much for letting a us get an "honest" peak at where you create!
My Desert Cottage

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Jen,

Happy PiNk to you!..Yes, I'm a pinkie too. :0) Oh my..your collections are fabulous and that wall of drawers..totally cool except I'm only 5 foot tall. I have to keep a one step ladder handy at all times and then the 5 foot ladder fro when I need to get up high to add or change something. Your space is wonderful just the way it is. Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

Thanks so much for visiting me and strolling through my studio..I'm on my way to your giveaway!

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

I think you have a great space, and to be able to look out the window and see the ocean... priceless! Many, I mean MANY years ago I went to Santa Cruz and fell in love with it. It is so incredibly beautiful there, you are one lucky girl. I have to go through your older posts to see what fantastic creations you come up with for your treasures. Thanks for stopping by, Theresa

Jillayne said...

Thanks for not sticking your head in the sand! I love your space - it looks like it is just right! As far as the pictures go they are just fine. I have to take thirty to get one I can at least edit to make viewable! I love your room and and will be back to take a longer look around - you're bookmarked!

Abby's Garden said...

Wow your collection is amazing and your creative space is so inviting! Thanks so much for sharing!

Janet Bernasconi said...

You have an amazing work area! Love how organized you are. I really enjoyed my visit. Hope you can come by and visit me too.
Have a great weekend,
Janets Creative Pillows

ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Jen,

Just thought I'd drop by and visit for a little Christmas in June. Perhaps it will make me think of cooler weather - or at least give me something else to ponder. And I've found it here among your pretty things. I'm sure it would be fascinating to see in person - all those cubby holes and place to look. The beach too - really?? That's so cool!

Thanks for sharing!


Sylvia Drown said...

Wow! What a great Creative Space!! And so many fun things to play with!!! Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for stopping by Baxter's Mom and for your nice comments!!

Tricia said...

I loved your fun "tongue-in-cheek" tour of your space. You actually are quite organized in my book - : ) You do such great, whimsical work - and your personality shows through it. I really got a kick out of your kids' comments about the chachkes. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your space - and for making me feel a little better about not getting around to finishing polishing up my own space. Ha! I had good intentions, but finally had to just post it where it was. But "honesty is the best policy" - right? Thanks for stopping by my place for a visit.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love the custom, see everything cabinetry! You lucky girl!


NanaNay said...

I think you have a great space to create wonderful things.

You look organized to me.
Thanks for sharing.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You take what space you can get, right? I think you've managed it very well and everything looks organized to me!

Abby's Garden said...

Believe it or not I'm still trying to get through all the WBC posts, wow! I am loving your post....the honesty is refreshing and fun! Thanks for taking the time to check out my little creative space:)

imaginationlane said...

I love all your glitter and your pretties! What a beautiful studio you have...the Christmas collection is super!

Thanks so much for having me over...


Miss Sandy said...

Loved your honesty and humor AND your fantastic collections of supplies! Thank you for sharing.

Debby said...

Hi Jen, oh my gosh I can't believe all the beautiful collections you have in your awesome space. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I loved reading your post! I'm glad you didn't do all those things to get ready for the tour, because it wouldn't have been half as much fun to visit. Thanks for sharing!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are a delightful person and have a fun studio (or part of a bedroom) to match. I bet it's Christmas every day at your house. Such a fun tour, and I felt right at home and so welcome. Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity, albeit late, to tour your honest to goodness space.