Saturday, June 26, 2010

is it Saturday all ready?

Really how does this happen, a whole week?
Why do I keep losing them?
Well here is a little something pink for ya 
to gaze upon from my "non pink" living room....
The horses hat :)
Yes Hello Kitty hangs proudly in my living room!
an original art piece by my bro Mr. MO
it is my favorite...
Another piece by Mr. MO 
the flower is stippled(little dots) love this one too...
My grandparents at the Boardwalk 
in here in Santa Cruz,
Hey Rochelle does this look familiar?

Well I am just pooped
 spent a wonderful evening on the boardwalk
 with family and new friends it was 
a night we will never forget!
for hosting all the pink fun!
Go ahead and enter the giveaway by clicking
the button under the header my computer is acting up 
and I wont get to the name drawing till Tuesday :)

luvs and glitter


Jojo said...

I love Hello Kitty. What a terrific gift!

Rebecca said...

I'm a Hello Kitty Lovin' fool!


Happy Pink Saturday!


Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Love that pretty pink rose hat on the horse!!!

Happy Pink Saturday, warmest, Brenda

Rochelle said...

That is so funny Jen! As I scrolled down your post I stopped so fast when I saw that picture! I guess that sign has been around for a while!
Have a great weekend!!

Connie said...

Yes, sugar, it really is saturday again and here I am lagging behind meeting new chicks...sigh...

Happy to meet you and love your "horses hat"!


Little Messy Missy said...

Great art!!!

Beverly said...

I loved this peak around at some of your precious pinks.

Time is flying by, isn't it? How can it be almost July?

Happy Pink Saturday, Jen.

Something Special said...

Wowser Jen, I had just finished the post for the Christmas swap. You are up late just like me. (I really need to go to bed) You are partly responsible for this whole swap thing this time around, cause of your inspiration and encouragement. Love Ya lots, and I looked at your bloggerette piece and it is superb. Love Love Love it. I can't post mine, cause of my camera being so gone! I am waiting for my new camera to come in the mail. Any day now and I will be able to get that post up. Take care my friend! P.S. Your picture is so cute too!