Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A swap is like Christmas anytime of the year without all the work :)

My husband came home with this last Friday...
From the very talented and creative
As part of the 
Something old, Something New,
 Something Borrowed, Something Blue Swap
OOh  I wonder what is in there?
I can hardly wait to unwrap this!
Such a beautiful box!
A sweet doily old and blue,
IS this not vintage wonderful?
A gorgeous frame,
A lovely dove brooch and hanky,
Isn't this just adorable? 
the periwinkle blue in those roses is fabulous!
But wait there is more!
This is a beautiful piece of art!
 I have it up hanging already!
I absolutely adore Michele Paper Medallions
She sell in her etsy shop and look what I received!
The cameo is to die for *sigh*
love the crocheted lace and the sweet hat pin.
And then she went and did this!
oops how did that get in there I ate as I unwrapped which 
truly made this swap better than Christmas.
No shopping for months wrapping for weeks
 and cooking for days,
just me, my gifts and chocolate!
Thank-you Michele for my wonderful treasures!
I will cherish them always,
It has been wonderful to make a new friend!
p.s love the tags too!

luvs and glitter


Andrea said...

Pretty! I love swaps too!

Diane said...

Oh you sure did score! What a charming package she sure did a wonderful job! Hugs, Diane

Debby said...

This has been such a beautiful swap, love all your pretties.

Something Special said...

Yes, I have decided that swaps are one of the best things is life lately. I still can't get over how wonderful all the goodies were that you sent me. You are truly inspired. I could not love mine more. Thanks for so sweetly posting what I sent you. I truly feel that these swaps are such a wonderful way to make new friends that mean a lot. Love Ya!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Fun! I can't wait to do swaps again! I'm almost settled! ♥

Tammy @ said...

How fun! Packages in the mail are the best, especially when they are like this!

Best wishes,

P.S. the puppies are adorable, can't wait to see more pics!