Wednesday, June 2, 2010

walking along....

I haven't been covered in glitter yet this week but I did get my
swap packages off! woohoo I'm only a day late!
lucky for me Nevada is close to California
so it shouldn't take too long to get there!
Ok so i've gotten in 3 more walks
 all about 2 miles each since last post
 and did not realize till tonight there was sea mist on the lens
 so sorry for the blur but I gotta share :)
West Cliff Drive on Sunday
(gee they don't look too happy lol)
Henry Cowell State Park Tuesday...

the first time we ever explored here 
and have driven past it most of my life!

Wilder Ranch State Park
looking back at Hwy 1
A sweet baby bunny, he let me visit:)
fog bank rolling in...
so secluded...
crashing waves...
Hubby on the trail cell phone in hand of course!
Sunset through the wild flowers...

It was a date just me and hubby, no kids,
 beautiful nature, stunning ocean views, 
no wind and the sunset all for free!

Have a wonderful day!

luvs and glitter

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