Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long Walks on the beach...

Yesterday was warm and beautiful 
and we needed to get out of the house...
so we jumped in the "fraulein" hubby's car, with no real plan
and headed North on Hwy 1 or the Pacific Coast Hwy
We ended up to Pescadero State Beach
You really get a sense of awe at places like this,
Where the land seems to rise from the sea and there is nothing
 except a little strip of sand separating open ocean 
and cliff edges with rolling hills on top that fade into the mountains...
Fire snail is truly a spec against this cliff...
We went a quarter mile North along the cliffs but the tide was rolling in,
So we decided to walk as far as we could South...
we walked all the way to the cliff edge on the far right of the picture, 
the dark line touching the edge!
Nothing but the Ocean till Hawaii behind her...
There were more than a hundred jellyfish washed up
along the beach on our walk...
tons of drift wood, fire snail found an arrow :)
see the end cliff behind him getting closer?
And soda Icy pop tried to bring this home!
This is the cliff at the end of the long walk
What and amazing view through the hole!
And PCH going over the river that flows to the sea...
And now for the walk back...
I figure this may be the last Summer they want to hang out with us
So we have set a goal of visiting and walking as much as possible safely 
the beaches along the coast between 
Santa Cruz and San Francisco this summer.
We'll see how many we get too thank goodness we have the annual state park pass
which paid for itself in the first month :)
We'll see where we end up today have a great Sunday!
luvs and glitter


Tobi Britton* said...

Oh Jen,
How Lovely!
I wanna see you when we go to the wine country in October! Maybe you can take the Frauline!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

A Write Life said...

What a lovely beach. So isolated it seems. I love the rocks.

Signs and Salvage said...

We did the same thing this weekend!! was our section of Highway 1...Central Coast! Such a lovely day on Saturday...warm...lots of tourists out...really fun:) We surfed in Cayucos, wandered around San Simeon Cove...had dinner in Morro Bay...wonderful memories!!! So glad you had such a beautiful day!!!

Take Care,


kanishk said...

What a lovely beach
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