Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scrap happy....

If you know me at all you know I don't scrapbook,
I should and I would LOVE to
 but I haven't found the space or  patience 
or maybe It's that when ever I try to start 
I am overwhelmed with my own imagination?
Either way I came across these cuties recently.
I believe they are very old as they are super fragile.
I have a small collection started of almost 200 pieces
I think they are victorian scrap?
If you know what they are I would love to know...
but how could I resist?
Getting ready to send off my swap package,
mail Pink Saturday a birthday present,
and getting ready to launch
 the BIG 200 GIVEAWAY 
this weekend!

luvs and glitter


Dolly said...

Ohhhhh Jenn those birthday cakes are amazing!
I love your creative style!
You are so very talented!

Have a happy birthday!
Hugz, Dolly

P.S. come by I am having a give away saturday!

Mr Lonely said...

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Andrea said...


Tobi Britton* said...

Wow, they are wonderful! I am sure you will make something breathtaking with them! See, this is why i haven't been around- it is already 2.22 pm and I haven't even started crackling!!!! I am now adding a link in my cupcake giveaway that folks can get an extra entry if they follow you!!! YAY 200!!!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!