Friday, May 28, 2010

Post 199

Wow that went quick!
So for post 199 it is only fitting it falls on Deck the Halls Friday
(formerly known as Holiday Inspiration Friday)
tree in my bedroom
Since you know I love Christmas I thought I would 
post about a few of my favorite things....
This is a peek of how the kids rooms looked during the holidays
Soda Icy pops candy land tree...
Her favorite Christmas friends on her nightstand....
And Gingerbread land on top of her dresser!
Fire Snails Mario Bros. tree, 
that boy loves his video games,
His favorite Snowmen on the cubes,
And his peppermint gingerbread land on his highboy.
Such awful pictures I know but I thought I'd share anyway :)
I took these right before it came down so It wasn't looking it's best...
visit sweet Tammy at Tinsel & Company 
for darling holiday decor!

Tomorrow is Big 200 Giveaway day here so be sure to check back!
Have a Happy Friday!

luvs and glitter


Valarie said...

Happy Friday. Your Christmas goodies have brightened my day. I needed it, I'm feeling a bit down, so thanks my dear. Have a fab weekend.
xxoo Valarie

Andrea said...

I love christmas ,I could just leave it out all year long!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Jenn. I'm your newest follower #201! I love your blog. I just found you. Such pretty creations. You're a very talented soul.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Hugs...Tracy :)