Friday, May 7, 2010

Holiday Inspiration Friday

What in May? you ask , well of course!
 I have had the ipod crankin' my favorite Holiday tunes or 2 weeks now, I couldn't possibly create for Christmas and not be in the holiday spirit. My family thanks God daily for earbuds although I have been told I sing along very loud and off key, OOPS!
I decided to join the darling
Tammy of  Tinsel and Company (the blog)
on her very first
Here is my very first piece of J. Nichelle Holiday 2010.
It is a lovely custom piece for sweet Joy!

I did a similar piece last Christmas, she liked it so much she sent me the planter
and the elves and I did a little magic in the workshop...
If you haven't been please go and visit
 Tammy's amazing shop
"Home decor and gifts inspired by the past"
Yah, right up my alley, and probably yours too :)
Go take a peek she still has a few treasures in her Spring Clearance!

luvs and glitter


Joy said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I am the lucky owner!!!!! So awesome!! Thanks for making such beautiful things!! Joy

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Is that ever gorgeous! Beautiful!

Annesphamily said...

That is simply stunningly beautiful! Love your works of art! Hugs Anne and Happy Pink Saturday and Mother's Day to you! Anne

Valarie said...

Hey Sweets....I am in Utah...and couldn't go a day without checking your blog. I of coarse love this piece....I bought one at Christmas. I haven't put it away yet. haha
Have a fabulous weekend.
xxoo Valarie

Lynn Stevens said...

I can relate. I was doing Holiday stuff last month for magazine entries! well at least it was still cold outside LOL

Rochelle said...

Hey Jen....thanks for stopping by and visiting me! It looks like you've been a fiend too! hah hah.....a Christmas crafting fiend! Love this piece - of course I do - it's got RED in it! :)
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Jojo said...

I love Christmas and we should celebrate all the year long! One of my sons (he is 26) and I daydream about winning the lottery and opening a Christmas tree farm and store.... Keep up the Christmas crafting!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

This is super! It's so fun to find someone who also loves to create Christmas as early as May. I've got Christmas music going on all year long and never get tired of it.

Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks so much for entering and posting about my giveaway! Your a doll! Best of luck!