Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SOon I promise

Soon I will
 post pictures from Christmas and EASTER
and my mom's 60th surprise party
Been spring cleaning away and catching up on missed sleep.
I have CFS and if I push too hard for too long Jen goes bye bye for 6 - 18 months
I learned my limitations the hard way, 
I know how much I can handle, this has been with me for 21 years now.
Hubby is such a sweetheart to help me out when I need him, I couldn't do any of it without him :)
Been doing a lot of work in the ole noggin' though,
wonder what will come of all that,
I bet it will be glittery!
ok, can you guess who and where and under what? hee hee

Have a lovely day,
luvs and glitter


Valarie said...

Jen....Spring cleaning?? You go girl!! I still need to pack up my craft room from my Easter mess. Maybe today?? It is snowing here today, so I guess it would be a good time to do it. I wish I lived closer so I could help you, especially when you need to rest. I am sorry to hear about your CFS. I've heard it is not fun!! Love ya girl.
xxoo Valarie

Valarie said...

I forgot to guess...One of your children at Costco or Sams Club under a dog bed???
xxoo Valarie

Diane said...

I to am doing a whole lot of Spring cleaning, so that makes for a garage Sale. Yes this Saturday... You slow down and take care. I was over at Valarie's Blog and she was sharing a couple of your darling creations. They are Easter but she has decided to keep them out year long. And I must say I had to agree. I love your style.Hugs, Diane

JoAnn S. said...

cleaning, lol something i need to do!! good luck, what is cfs? love the shot under the chair lol. hugs JoAnn S

Tobi Britton* said...

Darling Jen,
HOW can you be catching up on SLEEP when this post was timed at 2AM??!!! GUILTY!
I miss hearing from you sweet sis 'o' mine!
Maybe fatigue is yet another thing we have in common!
If I lived in Cally I would bring you some soup.