Thursday, April 15, 2010


Glitter Glitter Everywhere even in my underwear. Seriously!
Glitter has boldly gone where no man has gone before!
Glitter on 3 floors of the house
in five sizes!
a peek at an almost done project with the largest of the glitters on this one...
this is one of those things you only do for someone you really love!
As I told a sweet friend this week and I quote (myself)
"I have a sparkly crack!"

Maybe a little TMI but you understand, right?

Have a fabulous day!
luvs and glitter


Jojo said...

That is hilarious! I used to feel that way when picking peaches in the summer growing up in middle Georgia. That fuzz managed to completely posses and let me tell you, it makes you itch. It's bad enough for the stuff to cover your body but even worse when you can't stop scratching your back side!!

Michele said...

Too funny...but I definitely can relate. I found glitter in my 5 month old grandson's hair last week!


Valarie said... crack me up. haha
Have a super fabulous day.
xxoo Valarie

Signs and Salvage said...

THAT is funny!!! We have glitter EVERYWHERE too!! My husband one time called me and said the guys at work were making fun of him because he had it all over his butt:):)

Have a GREAT day!!

Take Care,


Tobi Britton* said...

Hello my little Sparkly Crack!
Whatever that sparkely thing is it is lovely! Just like yyou!
Sparkly Cracks of all sizes,
Tobi and the pixies

Tammy @ said...

So funny, we joked that when my son was born he had glitter on him... The moment we walked in the house with him there was a spec of glitter on his nose.

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,

Rosie said...

Sparkles make the world go 'round! Have a glittery day!