Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Saturday? ha, I forgot to sign up!

Oh what a week of catching up on sleep
(even if it is after 2 am, you know who you are ;P that's doing good for me!)
and giving my kids lots of attentions since they were both coughing and sniffing and 
feeling yucky over spring break :( still are, we were supposed to go the cherry blossom festival in San Francisco but it is looking like a no go as of right now, there's always next year....
 I did make something last week though,
but you only get a little peek for now!
Have a lovely day, Pink or not, hee hee...

luvs and glitter


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Hope everyone is feeling well soon!! Loved the sweet little birdie!!

Cathy said...

Sweet Jen,

I think I'm loving this new creation just by the sneak peek. Who doesn't love birdies?

Sorry to hear you missed the Cherry Blossoms. They aren't blooming here in New England quite yet and it's really cold here today. Last Saturday it was 90, today it's 45. Jeesh, crazy weather.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the prayers. Still needed.

xo Cathy

Tobi Britton* said...

HAHA! YES I know who I are!!!! HEEHEE
I almost forgot Pink Saturday also....Miss 2am!
Love the cute little she for moi?
Have a Happy Happy Pink Saturday!
Sparkly hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Annesphamily said...

Get well soon! Darn allergies! This is a bad season for them already! Sniff sniff...

I love the birdie! I am listening to them sing outside my window. They wake me daily! It is a sure sign Spring has sprung!

I love my little lamb in my pretty sparkly egg I won over at jenny Matlock! Thank you for your creative talents! I need to blog about it! Hugs Anne

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

sweet! yummy and y ou are such a tease... thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.. have a great day.. robin

Valarie said...

Hi Miss Jen...I hope that you get to go to the festival. It sounds like fun. If not, there is always another time. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sneak peek at your newest creation. I swear talented oozes from your pores. Can I please come follow you around sometime?
xxoo Valarie

Suzie Button said...

What a little beauty you're making there! All your items are gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday anyways! Suzie

Linda said...

Cute birdie! Hope everyone feels better soon. Spring is wonderful but it gets me sick with allergies every year. Happy Pink 'day' !!

The Happy Homemaker said...

Sorry to hear of the yucky colds:(I hope everyone's feeling better soon.Can't wait to see the rest of the Bluebird piece.Have a great PINK SATURDAY:) Haha

Deborah said...

Jen, it looks good to me already. I am with you on the babies growing up. My son is fifteen in two weeks (yikes!1). I don't know where the time went either and he wants me to take hi to go get his learner's permit the same day I believe (double yikes!!). Happy Pink Saturday.