Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SPRING Cleaning!

Hi my name is Jennie and I am a messaholic!
phew there i said it out loud. (when I was a teenager sometimes it would be 2ft. deep of clothes and shoes in my room) Not that my living room is ever a mess or unstraightened ( my type A hubby is a neat FREAK) but when I do projects I get so involved it's overwhelming (it only lasts a week at most) but this time my studio was totally out of hand I could no longer move or make anything else! I unpacked 13 boxes of easter supplies that I left in the garage and OH was it something to find space for it all! It was a literal mountain of vintage on my 9ft. table! 6 hrs. later I was sobering up from my mess :)
Sorry there is no before picture that would be WAY too embarrassing! and to some of you this is still to cluttered ( but I do have 3 project going on there) but to me it's 6 GLORIOUS feet of clean wide open space! I might be having a destash sale here soon.
Some day I'll show the uber organized other side of the studio but I had to get this off my chest :)

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luvs and glitter


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Jen! Good for you! My craft room is about ready to be organized again, too. When I feel my creativity lagging, I know it's time! I think it's kind of like when a kid's room is all clean, then they want to go play in it more and pull out ALL the toys! ♥

Tobi Britton*pinkpixieforest.blogspot.com said...

Um...are we related??

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey there Jen, so nice to meet you! (just joined you as a follower) I am totally in love with your creations! You have solved the problem with what to do with all the darling little planters floating around at flea markets! so so cute.
Thank you for taking the time to share my Celebration Give-Back! Can't wait to go back thru your posts.

Jennifer said...

It sounds like we're all making an effort - stop by and say hey sometime Jennifer jennsthreegraces

Diane said...

You hit the nail on the head for me today, I have stuff spread out everywhere even in the walking space (Floor) I too have a few projects to finish up on before I totally clean up but very soon.... Hugs, Diane

Tobi Britton*pinkpixieforest.blogspot.com said...

I think God created marriage so husbands couldn't leave so easy once we start crafting!

Mari said...


Cottage Cozy said...

It just happens...hard to control the mess when we are creating! Wow you sure have a lot of Easter supplies! I am Diane's sister from Saturday Finds. Nice to visit your blog~

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I loved this post!!! I have come to the conclusion that ALL creative people should attend "messaholic" group therapy. I know I should. : )

Cottage Rose said...

HI Jen; Weeeeeeeelllllllll I think we are the same..... I am so messy with I sew or craft anything....still trying to clean up my space and find ways to store my things..... have a great week crafting in your new space... lol


JoAnn S. said...

Jen you should see my work room and garage and bedroom and guest room lolol I drag stuff everywhere!! real creative people cannot be organized lol. hugs JoAnn

Maple Ridge Vintage said...

I am growing out of space too...due to me being a "thrift-a-holic" I have NO room!!! My husband is frustrated with me, but what do I do??? I love it all, it's hard to get rid of anything. Maybe I need rehab?? hugs~Chris