Sunday, March 14, 2010

Early St. Patrick's Day, Rock Climbing, and cupcakes...

So as I sit right now, having just pulled the cupcakes out of the oven, I cringe in terror and anticipation.
Tonight my Grandma is Having St. Patrick's Day, because of everyone schedule this week, corned beef and cabbage as she always does for us rowdy non Irish Italians... Except for Mr. FireSanil he is wanna be Irish, there are leprchauns and clovers in his room year round, Irish nutcrackers, a knit hat with clovers, 5 irish saying t- shirts and and Irish hoodie, etc. you get the picture.... He thought he died and went to heaven when we were in Chicago! He shopped in an Irish store!
Anyway grandma asked me to bring dessert and I've been sick all week and Miss Soda icy pop wanted to make cupcakes really bad so I agreed, but she is at her belay class to get certified to handle the ropes and repel herself in rock climbing.
(this is their first climb ever her descending him ascending)
 The kids started climbing in January and go twice a week, they love it, Miss Soda Icy pop has been a climber since bith, Mr. Fire Snail however has not and had a fear of heights. I had to encouragingly forced him to go the first few weeks, but now he is a spider!
So as I sit here I must confess I cannot bake out of a box! It can bake as long as it is some crazy from scratch recipe but not box mix it always fails so I don't bake much I  just don't have time for all that mess :) So When Miss Soda Icy pop gets home she'll decorate the cup cakes and I pray I haven't ruined them ! The last batch of brownies came out so yucky I was banished from ever trying again!
Well I gotta run, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY
and I have lots of auctions ending on eBay this evening too, so take a peek at all the fun.
please Pray for the cupcakes!
Have a fabulous Sunday!
luvs and glitter

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Tobi Britton* said...

Hi Sweet Jen!
Well, the best cake recipe I ever made came from a children's book called Fanny at Chez Panisse. It is the birthday cake recipe, but you can make cupcakes too. I can't believe the kidds are rock climbing, that's so cool! I am afraid of heights, so it's a nogo for me! I will be sending your trees tomorrow, the pixies and I are spending time with them before they leave...we will miss them! Enjoy your corned beef- we had ours last night!
Sparkly hugs,