Monday, November 2, 2009

my first Past Due Tuesday!

This is such fun to show off a few of my vintage ladies. 

Some of them were gifts from my mom a couple were trades from Miss Betty Nell in Texas and two were treats to myself. 

I have a few more packed away they I haven't found yet and also a small collection of Christmas themed ones of course! 

So here are the girls to say "Hello" and "have a lovely PAST DUE TUESDAY


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

You have a great collection of these! I'm looking forward to seeing the Christmas themed ladies.

Jenny S said...

Can't wait to see the Christmas themed ones! I have a great one similar to the ones with the pearls around her neck and the hat. She is wearing bright blue and just makes me happy!!


I love them all! What a sweet collection! I love coming here and hearing the Christmas music and see the snow falling!

Jan Ely said...

Wow, these are great--I've never seen anything like them! Love the one in brown who looks like Lucy!

True Blue Roomie said...

Are they vases? Do you display them in your home? They are much too pretty to keep packed away with their peaches and cream skin! Thanks for sharing and being a part of Past Due Tuesdays!

Miss Rhea said...

I love those !! I bought one last year and am hoping to find a few more, seems like you cant have too many collections, lol !! :) I LOVE all of your new items you made this year !! Eeek, I want each one !! :) Wish I could afford a J. Nichelle collection :) Congratulations on your Blog being almost a year old !! It goes fast doesn't it :) Hugs to you, my talented friend :) :)

Winona said...

OH MY!!!! LOVE THEM!!! I have some but these a beautiful!!!! Enjoy!

Leann said...

Hello My New Found Friend!

Love your head vases, I got my first 3 from my Mum as a b-day present this year. Aren't they just fab, so glamorous!

BTW - I'm having a giveaway, if you're interested pop on by!