Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year!

Getting ready, so much to do, places to go & people to see! The winner for the 1st giveaway will be announced Saturday, YAY! Thank- you for all the great comments feed back and kind words! I apologize for not responding to each and everyone of you as I hoped but, the results have been wonderful &  overwhelming!

In the middle of all his madness I homeschool my children and 6th & 7th grade oh pre-algebra what fun! Also been doing all my orientation, paperwork & tests to volunteer at the hospital gift shop where I was born & my grandma has been volunteering for 36 years(and going strong)!  I actually got to spend a few wonderful days Christmas shopping with my daughter. mom & grandma this weekend it has been wonderful to spend time together. I can only imagine what people in the stores think of us, we like to have a good time :) 4 generations of loud laughing Italian women! This makes the horrible cross country move worth every minute of sweat & tears.

I apologize for not having much up for sale the past week had to take a breather and not neglect my family. But this weekend I will be loading up the new etsy shop so get  ready :) I will only be listing a few things now & then on eBay it has been good to me in the past but the fees, policy changes and sporadic at best sales are not working out, I at least need to break even, & you busy bees know what I'm talking about :) So etsy has been a wonderful change and I am happy to be there.



If I saw you loud , laughing italian women in a store............... I would want to join you. A group that loves so shop together is my kind of group Ha~! Seriously , so sweet that you had 4 generations of you gals having a sweet time. Blessings!
p.s. pre-algerbra?! yikes!! I never did well in math.

Valarie said...

I just wanted to tell you how lovely your blog is. I cannot wait to own something you have created. Have a lovely day.

stefanie said...

goodness, pat yourself on the back, that is sooooo hard homeschooling and algebra, to me that is like a forgein langauge. have a wonderful week

Larisa said...

Good luck with all things you do! It is great to spend time with a family shopping:) :) Did you get all you wanted? :)

Shabbychicdiva said...

That's so special. I would love that but my Grandma is gone and my Mom lives so far away. I miss those times. So treasure each and every moment!! I think that's great you homeschool your children. I admire that because the job is not easy and your doing a great thing!! Winona

meredith said...

i just found your art work and i LOVE it! funny enough, i am not too particularly fond of x-mas decor.....but your creations are outstanding! i have not seen such an interesting mix of media... i love it!

Purvail said...

Wonderful and so lovely are your Christmas creations

Anonymous said...

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