Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sometimes life just doesn't go as planned no matter how hard you try. I have a few new things made a few started but haven't done the pictures so I can list them, found someone who is making things way to similar to mine, so frustrating. I did have a wonderful weekend we took a trip with the family to Disneyland and had a great time I needed to get away. I'm just going to go with the flow and enjoy the holidays.

I love Disneyland at the holidays it gets decorated far more than Disney World. I am partial as you can tell :)

Love ToonTown!

Hopefully soon I'll get some shots up of the trees and the house. We have a Sons of Italy Christmas Crab feed next weekend I can hardly wait!


Miss Rhea said...

Funny, I was just looking for you on ebay this week and saw that. Poo on her !! :( I was wondering where your pretties were. I am glad you are enjoying Christmas this year though, I have crafted right through a few of them, lol !! I am done with Christmas too for the year. Hey, you are going to list for Easter, Right ? I am saving my pennies :) Hugs to you :) :) :)

ps, we are Italian, can we come ? lol !! :)

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Your vintage delights are truly delightful! ♥


I was starting to wonder where you had gone:) I have never seen Disney in Christmas mode, I bet it is gorgeous and fun. Blessings today!