Monday, December 14, 2009

Final '09 eBay listings and lots of new in the etsy shop

So for all of you who have been wondering if there was anymore from J. Nichelle Holiday this year, I am happy to announce New 3 DAY LISTINGS on eBay will be ending Wednesday and the final listings will end on Sunday the 20th.
Here are the last two delights listed you can click the pictures to go to the listings.
By popular demand another pixie swan has been made in the spirit of the one in my header, here she is~

and the wee third installment of tiny strong angels

And the etsy shop is loading up I put 15 new ornaments in! Look at these cuties~

all pretty in pink

festive in red

extra frosty

 gorgeous green
and many more go take a peek you might find something you like!
Hope your Holidays are Wonderful!


sissie said...

I'm going to check out all these pretties right now. Just lovely and oh,so sweet.

Linda said...

Jen these are just so pretty. Wish I could bid on a large centerpiece (the pink one is my fav) but I can take a look at the ornaments. Your work is fabulous and I know everyone is dying to get their hands on your creations!

stefanie said...



Everything you make is so very sweet and charming. Blessings!

~~Carol~~ said...

It's all so beautiful! If I had half of your imagination and creativity, I'd be one happy girl!
Merry Christmas!

lindaalbrecht said...

Gasp!! Love it all, but anything with pink steals my heart.


Mermaids of the Lake said...

I am perusing your old posts. I love pixies. In fact, I actively collect them. (see one of posts this week with a pic of a few) I also have a small tiny angel collection, Santa and deer too. Oh, I just love them all. I love your creations!

Mermaid Debbie