Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas SALE!

ALL Christmas in the
is On SALE!!
 25% OFF all Christmas ornaments

25% OFF all Christmas birdhouses

30% OFF the Large Pixie train Centerpiece!

and lower shipping costs on all items!
Hurry over, don't be left out, you know you've had your eye on a certain vintage delight :)
Also see the new 2010 Valentine's day ornaments!


Hi I'm Carrie! said...

I will have to go over and take a peek at your shop. Such beautiful ornaments.

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Lisa Gatz said...

Your creations are SO SO SO beautiful!

Valarie said...

Yipee....I own more beautiful things that you have made. I blogged about your sale today, and your lovely Valentine's Day come say Hi!! xxoo Valarie

Diane said...

Jen, thanks for stopping by and it sure was nice to get a compliment from an Artist that I so admire. Your work is just dripping with delicious vintage delights. It is pretty nice to have a whole bedroom for a Home Studio, thanks for reminding me what I need to be thankful for. oxox, Diane

sanjeet said...

Such beautiful ornaments.

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