Friday, October 23, 2009

A Sweet Angelic Peek

We all have angels in our lives in one way or another right? I know I need mine & Oh these are just adorable! Ivory trees and glimmering ornaments in pinks, soft golds and a little silver are being brought to you by these little darlings. I love the way they carry the trees which seems an impossible feat for such delicate cuties, but I guess thats why they're called angels they can do what we think is not possible when we can't even figure out how to. 
I am truly thankful for the angels in my life which are my husband, mom, brother, grandma, kids, family & friends I would be lost and overwhelmed with out you! 


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Jillian said...

Oh my! Your holiday decorations and things are WONDERFUL! I love them, too. Vintage and Christmas just go together. Thanks for stopping by my blog/shop today! It was neat to "meet" you.