Friday, September 11, 2009

Well it's about time!

  The workshop is officially open! WooHoo! Never thought it would or could take this long but it is ready for serious use. I am better set up & stocked up this year! This workshop will be open all year except over the Christmas holiday. I finish everything by Thanksgiving weekend including every room of our home getting decorated, so I can enjoy the holidays too. I am truly grateful for all the support & love being shown for J. Nichelle, it has meant the world and gotten me through this year. Well I hope to have some things up in a few weeks so keep an eye out. 

The Christmas music is a playin' full time now! You can click the arrows on the sides of the player to change the songs if you like, hope you enjoy them they are some of my favorites. 

Many vintage holiday delights to you!
Lots of Love ~jen

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Sandy said...

Where can I but your wonderful things????